Deploy your Python applications in 5 minutes
in a dedicated cloud environment

Deploy at scale and monitor your pipelines in production

Illu 3 - Environment


Create, modify, delete as many environments as you want without any DevOps skills.

Illu 3 - Pipeline

ML Pipelines

Easily and collaboratively create pipelines to standardise the execution of your Python code.

Illu 3 - Déploiement

Model Serving

Deploy your pipelines in production in a few clicks via a web API or by defining periodic execution rules.

About us

Craft AI is a MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) SaaS platform that simplifies the deployment and management of machine learning models. This solution allows large-scale deployment of Python applications with just a few clicks, without the need for code refactoring or DevOps skills. Data science teams can now fully control their end-to-end AI projects with autonomy and in record time.